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Fillings: Changes You Notice Almost Immediately 

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Coming in for a dental filling is one of those things you know you just have to do if you have tooth decay (and we inform you that a filling is the best restorative solution for you). However, even though you can very easily make logical connections between the reason you need care and the fact that you should definitely get it to protect your oral health, it’s still common to have some reservations. Will you be happy with the results of your treatment, you wonder? What types of changes can you expect after you receive it (and will they put a smile on your face)? Rest easy: Our Columbia, TN team has the reassurance you need!

You Cannot See The Decay Anymore

If you were able to see the area that tooth decay affected in your mouth, whether it was on prominent display or a dark area in a back tooth, you will immediately recognize as you glance into a mirror that the area is gone! Suddenly, it’s like you magically have your pristine, complete, healthy tooth back and no cavity is present. That’s because we place tooth-colored fillings. They’re not made of a universal white shade, as you may be guessing, but are instead made of composite that we color-customize to seamlessly match your current dental tissue.

Your Smile Looks … Pristine Again!

So, if your tooth looks healthy and free of tooth decay, you know what that means: Your smile looks exceptional again, as well. Fortunately, whether the decay was or was not visible, you can be happy to know that the filling will only benefit (not take away) from your smile as a whole. Remember that metal fillings can look obvious or darken a tooth. Tooth-colored fillings will do no such thing, so you can count on a pretty grin.

You’re Eating Without Pain

Once you’ve given your freshly treated tooth a bit of time to calm down (the nerves aren’t thrilled about the tooth decay that was present or about receiving dental work), you’ll notice that you’re eating without pain again. You’re drinking cold water and it doesn’t hurt! This is because we have restored your tooth, so nerves are no longer exposed, and because composite fillings are not temperature sensitive like metal ones are! Goodbye pain, hello comfortable, healthy smile!

Come In For A Tooth-Colored Filling

Treat your tooth decay with our beautiful, natural-looking fillings that will allow you to restore your oral health, while regaining your gorgeous, pre-cavity smile! Set your appointment ASAP for improvement. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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