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Your End-Of-Year Filling: Why You Shouldn’t Wait! 

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

It’s November and you’re feeling the quick approach of December! With it, there’s so much to do, to experience, and to celebrate! As a result, your initial sense that coming in for your dental filling to treat that cavity of yours ASAP has completely shifted. Instead, you guess, you should probably just wait until after the new year, so you’re not bogged down with parties and lots of other stuff that’s backing up your schedule! We can empathize, of course. However, from our standpoint as dental professionals, our Columbia, TN team also reminds you: Getting that filling right now is definitely the better choice.

Nobody Wants Tooth Pain During Festivities

If it’s time for a dental filling, then you should absolutely not wait around. First, remember that the main thing on your mind throughout this season is having a nice time! Whether that means giving, receiving, eating, spending time with family, or otherwise, one thing is always true: You don’t want to let anything take away or get in the way of the details! Trust our team when we say, a throbbing tooth can get in the way. Make this an impossible issue by seeing us soon.

A Cavity Now Is An Infection Later

It might seem like waiting to see us until after the holidays for your dental filling is no biggie. However, you may actually be underestimating how long the season becomes. First, it’s until the end of December but then you realize you have to wait until after the New Year celebrations. Then, you’re cleaning up the decorations and getting your home back in order and you realize Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It might be months! So, do it now!

A Cavity Now Is Also A Broken Tooth Later

If you never thought it was possible to bite into a piece of turkey and break your tooth because of a cavity you didn’t realize was so big … we’re offering you this insight because we’d rather you learn from our team than from experiencing it for yourself. Treat that cavity right away with a dental filling, so you don’t have to face a broken tooth and a crown later (and when it’s likely very inconvenient).

Fillings Are Easy Breezy (And Quite Lovely, Too)!

Go ahead! Get excited about your dental filling. They’re quick, they’re comfortable, they’re easy to receive, and you’ll be so relieved with every aspect of the results.

Schedule Your Pre-Holiday Filling Now

Get in touch with us just as soon as you can if you have a cavity requiring a dental filling! Follow through ASAP in order to ensure your smile is in wonderful condition and you’re ready for anything the season brings! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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