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Excited About Chocolate This Fall? Let’s Talk Smile Details! 

Is one of your favorite things about finally saying your goodbyes to spring and summer and hello to the cool, cozy, and comfort-food-indulgent seasons the fact that it’s time for chocolate? Once the calendar reveals that it is officially autumn, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be cocoa-based treats near and far and in so many different forms. While we certainly would never tell you that you must avoid it at all costs, our Columbia, TN team does want you to remember that being extra sweet to your taste buds is something you should do, while adding a dash of caution! Consider some facts about chocolate and your oral health, so you can really enjoy yourself without sacrificing your smile!

Chocolate Is Dangerous For Your Teeth Because…

Plain and simple, if you were to characterize chocolate as “safe” or “dangerous” for your teeth, the answer is that it is dangerous. Remember, chocolate includes sugar. Sugar is something that bacteria in your mouth eat and turn into acids. Those acids cause all sorts of problems for your oral health, from gingivitis to tooth decay and more! So, if you do consume it, you should do it carefully!

It’s A Top Choice Amongst Candies, Though…

With all of that said, we do remind you that in the realm of possible smile damage, from tooth decay to anything else, chocolate is often one of the top choices that we suggest if you’re planning on consuming sugary treats. Milk chocolate, specifically, melts away very fast, so it dissolves and doesn’t stick to teeth like chewy candies. It’s not hard, so it doesn’t present a particular threat in terms of possibly breaking your teeth. However, though it might be at the top of the list for not quite as dangerous options, remember, it’s still packed with sugar, so proceed with caution!

Hint: Some Chocolate Contains Caffeine!

Don’t forget that many of the chocolates or chocolate-based indulgences you select out there will contain some level of caffeine. If you’re not very sensitive to it or you’re not consuming very much, then this may not be a big concern. However, if you are sensitive to it, you’re snacking on it quite frequently, or you’re eating it late at night, remember: It can interrupt sleep. It can worsen problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder, which are often aggravated by caffeine. Keep such details in mind, so you can protect your oral health!

Simply Eat Cocoa-Based Treats Wisely!

Follow chocolate by rinsing with water. Wait about a half hour! Then, brush those teeth! This offers you the protection you’re seeking.

Enjoy Autumn And A Safe Grin, Too 

Don’t assume you have to give up every last autumn-related treat you love because you need to protect your oral health against all possible problems! Learn more from us, instead, about safe snacking during your next visit! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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