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Dental Floss: Things You’re Too Shy To Ask Us!

We know that when it comes to the simple things, such as dental hygiene, you might end up feeling a bit too shy to ask us questions that you would really like the answers to. One of the reasons our Columbia, TN team would really love for you to find the courage to bring those questions up is the fact that, though they seem simple, the details are actually an integral part of what makes up your powerful smile protection. For instance, if you’d like to know more about dental floss but you feel sort of embarrassed, this can be to your detriment! We implore you to ask us, so you are on the road toward a very healthy grin.

Does Flavor Matter?

Talk with us during your next checkup and cleaning about your floss, so we can help you! When your question is all about flavor, this is an easy one: Any flavor of dental floss will work just as well as another to help you during your dental hygiene as you protect your oral health. So, in regard to how well it can work, no, flavor doesn’t affect effectiveness! However, you should choose one that you enjoy, so that you actually use it!

What Are The Different Textures All About?

The goal, of course, when you use your floss during dental hygiene is to avoid problems like tooth decay and gingivitis that are caused when plaque and tartar build up. So, when it comes to texture, what you want is to find floss that works well with your smile, so you can easily and successfully remove plaque and other debris from between teeth and just beneath your gumline! Trial and error may be necessary but for now:

  1. Tape is great for larger spaces

  2. Thread-like floss is good for tight spaces

  3. “Superfloss” is helpful for bridges and implants

Should I Go With Waxed Or Unwaxed?

Our team explains that you may use either during dental hygiene. The waxed is better suited to tight spaces as it offers further lubrication. It’s your call!

How Do I Select A Brand?

This is simply a matter of testing them out. Trial and error will let you find a brand that you love or you will discover that they’re all just as wonderful for your dental hygiene needs. One hint? Look for floss approved by the ADA (American Dental Association).

Ask Flossing Questions From Our Team!

We know that you may feel tempted to search online or too shy to ask us but we would love to answer your dental floss questions! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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