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Dental Care At Different Life Stages

Your health needs can change over the years – your dental care needs can change, too.

Your dentist can provide effective care for your family. That care should start early – even young children benefit from regular preventive dental visits. As your children age, your dentist can instill in them the importance of regular at-home oral care, and can address orthodontic matters, if necessary. Remember that your current oral health can affect your health in the future. If you are not diligent about keeping your mouth problem-free, you could be dealing with complications later in life.

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth

Helping your child feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair can be one of the first matters your dentist addresses. Oral care needs to be addressed once a child’s primary teeth – also known as baby teeth – start to erupt. Your dentist can monitor your child’s oral health development, teach them proper dental care, and help them avoid cavities over time. Your actions influence your children – if you want them to care about the condition of their smile, show that you care about your oral health, too. Keeping up with regular appointments, and taking time to help younger children brush and floss, can reinforce the importance of dental hygiene.

Protecting You From Dental Problems In Later Years

Protecting your teeth today can benefit your smile in your later years. Having fewer cavities, and protecting your enamel health, can keep your teeth strong over time. If you want to avoid tooth loss later in life, make sure you watch out for gum disease. If poor periodontal health is not addressed, you could face problems that put you at risk for losing teeth.

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