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Cosmetic Services Offer Long-Term Smile Improvements

If you have any concerns about your smile because of discoloration, damage that others can notice, or naturally occurring flaws, you may struggle with a lack of confidence in the way you look. Even minor flaws can be cause for real concern. After all, people typically respond more favorably to the way someone looks when their teeth are symmetrical and free of any distracting issues. Fortunately, those who have issues with their appearance can arrange a cosmetic dental procedure to resolve what troubles them. Our Columbia, TN dentist's office can provide you with custom porcelain veneers that produce stunning improvements while only requiring limited changes to your enamel. We also provide professional whitening treatments to those who are focused on changing the color of their teeth.

Many People Have Concerns About The Color, Shape, Or Condition Of Their Teeth

Just one flaw is all it can take to disrupt the symmetry of your smile and draw attention to something you would prefer to hide. What you can learn while looking into cosmetic dentistry is that treatment can take less time and work than you realize, even if there are actually several concerns that you have about the way you look. Veneers are actually effective at correcting multiple flaws, which means you can achieve your goals for cosmetic treatment with just a single procedure.

Arranging Treatment With Porcelain Veneers

Before you can receive your veneers, your teeth have to be measured. These measurements ensure that the restorations you receive are the right shape and size to offer the most cosmetic benefits. This evaluation also lets your dentist check on the condition of your teeth. For some problems, the placement of a dental crown will be recommended instead of a veneer. Crowns provide more support for your bite, which can be needed if a tooth is damaged or disproportionately small. Your first visit will end with measurements and a review, as well as minor preparatory work to make space for veneers. When you return, you will have custom veneers bonded to your teeth to make improvements to their shape, size, and color! The porcelain material is surprisingly strong, giving your teeth lasting protection and cosmetic improvements to enjoy.

We Also Provide Teeth Whitening Treatments!

Patients who are directly concerned with whitening their teeth, and are not worried about their shape or condition, can arrange a teeth whitening treatment. With the use of a special light, we can activate the effects of our bleaching gel to remove the stains that have left your teeth dull. We can also send you home with a whitening kit that will allow you to perform "touch-ups" when your teeth begin to appear dull again.

Talk To Your Columbia, TN Dentist About Improving Your Smile!

Creekside Family Dentistry is ready to help patients who wish to make positive changes to their smile. Through cosmetic dentistry, we have helped many individuals who hoped to do something about the shape, color, or size of teeth that looked out of place. To learn more about these services, or to discuss other procedures that we provide, call our Columbia, TN dentist's office at 931-388-3384!

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