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Columbia, TN Dentist Questions if your Toothache May Actually Be Sinusitis

Have you ever had an unexplained toothache? Even if you visit your dentist twice a year without fail, brush your teeth twice-a-day, and floss daily, you can still end up with a toothache. In can be confusing when your teeth are in good condition and the tooth pain is sudden. There are several possible explanations, but one that might surprise you is a sinus infection. Your

Columbia, TN dentist, Dr. David Foster, will explain how sinuses and molars are very close neighbors, causing symptoms to sometimes be confused for each other.

All about Sinus Infections

On the way to your lungs, those big breaths of air pass through your sinuses. Sinuses are located inside your jawbone. Many people are prone to infections in these hollow cavities. The pink membrane that covers your sinuses looks quite similar to the inside of your mouth. When you have a sinus infection (AKA sinusitis) this lining will become inflamed and irritated. If you tend towards seasonal allergies you may be particularly likely to battle sinusitis from time-to-time.

How Can Sinusitis Make your Tooth Hurt?

Where can you find your sinuses? This is where the dental confusion may come into play. Your sinus cavities are actually located right above your upper molars. When you call your Columbia, TN dentist complaining of tooth pain, Dr. Foster will most likely suggest x-rays as the first order of business, along with a thorough exam. Tooth pain that has an actual dental cause is usually due to inflammation in the pulp of your teeth. If examination and x-rays of your tooth pulp look fine, there is a chance that sinusitis is causing your toothache. Your general physician should be consulted so that your sinuses can be checked once you have ruled out dental causes.

Visit your Columbia, TN Dentist

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