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Chewing Gum: Things To Remember

One of the things you may be curious about but feel too embarrassed to ask us: Am I allowed to enjoy chewing gum? We understand that you may assume gum is a no-no. Many gums are full of sugar and don’t look like they’re too healthy for your smile. There are lots of times in life when gum is simply not appropriate, such as in the classroom or during a business meeting. So, what do we think about it when it comes to your oral health? Let’s work our way through the major details associated with gum chewing.

Sugarless Gum Can Be Helpful

We want you to remember that you can help protect your oral health throughout your day (and when you’re away from your bathroom and dental hygiene collection) by chewing gum. It must be sugarless, however! When you chew it for several minutes to about 20 minutes, you’re doing the following:

  1. Removing plaque and food from your smile

  2. Increasing salivation, which helps clean and neutralize your smile

  3. Giving your breath a quick refresher

Practice Caution With Dental Work

If you’ve got a dental bridge, a mouthful of braces, or any other type of dental work, remember that chewing gum is sticky and can quickly become wound around objects. You may wish to skip it altogether if you have dental work that can become dislodged or if gum may become stuck. It’s much easier to simply brush your teeth if you need to freshen your breath or cleanse after eating!

Ask Us Your Questions About Your Smile

Whether you want to know if you can enjoy chewing gum or if some other detail is on your mind, simply let us know, so we may provide answers! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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