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Bedtime Blunders: Make Excellent Nighttime Smile Care Choices

When the moon comes out and it’s time to wind down for the evening,

do you have a nighttime dental hygiene routine that you stick to on a consistent basis? Are you nodding your head but you aren’t quite sure if you’re fully on track and making the best choices possible? Let us help you escape common blunders, so you know your smile is safe when the stars are twinkling overhead.

Don’t Eat After You Brush And Floss

After you brush (or brush and floss) for the night, don’t follow your dental hygiene with food. No matter what you eat, it won’t be doing your oral health any favors. However, if you find yourself famished and do end up snacking, just remember to rinse and brush afterward before going back to bed!

Don’t Drink After Nighttime Hygiene (Water Excluded)

You may think that a drink after your nighttime dental hygiene routine won’t have much of an impact. However, if it’s anything other than water (which is perfectly safe), you may be exposing your entire mouth to sugar or acids (or both). You don’t want this, while you sleep. You want a clean mouth, so you’re not promoting cavity development, gingivitis, or anything else!

Don’t Get Too Cozy Before Hygiene

There’s just something so cozy and wonderful about falling asleep on the sofa as you watch TV before you actually get into bed for the night. However, that doesn’t necessarily fare well for your smile if you either never head to your bed or if you do but you skip your brushing and flossing. Make your smile care its best by practicing dental hygiene before you become too cozy. That way, no matter where you rest your head for the night, your teeth and gums are clean and safe.

Keep Your Smile Healthy Day And Night With Our Assistance

Remember that we are happy to direct you regarding daily care and nighttime care, too, to ensure your smile is always healthy and safe. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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