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A Real Cosmetic Improvement With Bonding And Contouring

Your dentist counts on composite resin to serve as your

dental filling when you undergo a cavity treatment. Thanks to its cosmetic and functional advantages, this substance is preferred over metal materials for this restorative procedure. Composite resin is so good at mimicking your enamel’s appearance that your dentist can use it for exclusively cosmetic purposes. When your dentist performs a dental bonding treatment, they rely on this material to make effective, natural-looking changes to your tooth by hiding flaws in its shape and color. This will also be effective in covering up physical trauma.

A Significant Smile Improvement In One Visit

A bonding treatment demands less of your time than is needed to have porcelain veneers created and affixed to your teeth. In fact, many of the people who go in for a bonding treatment will be entirely finished after one visit. A single appointment may be all that separates you from fixing the problem tooth that holds back your smile.

Alternative Cosmetic Plans For Improving Your Smile

Dental bonding can cost less, and take less time, than porcelain veneers. However, you should know that veneers are typically more durable and stain-resistant, and the improvements they offer can last longer. If your only goal is to make your smile whiter, you might be best served by having your dentist whiten your teeth. Like bonding, this can be completed within a single visit. You also have the option of taking the necessary materials from your dentist, and undergoing a professional whitening treatment in your own home. While this can take longer, the results are on par with an in-office treatment.

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