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3 Ways To Improve Your Cavity Defense For 2017

If you understand the importance of good oral care, you should appreciate the importance of staying cavity free. Every cavity that forms causes permanent damage, as your teeth are incapable of restoring themselves after decay. Part of your approach to avoiding cavity trouble should be to keep up with your

preventive dental appointments. Each of these visits offers real support in your efforts to avoid decay, including a careful cleaning that removes plaque and tartar. That being said, your dentist is not the only person who should be working hard to keep your teeth in good shape – you can take action to protect yourself from cavities.

1. Be Sure To Floss Daily

Why is flossing so important to your teeth, even when you brush regularly? It can be hard for anyone to effectively address the spaces between teeth when you brush. If you neglect to floss, those spaces can suffer from an accumulation of plaque, and create a cavity risk, which could ultimately make restorative dental care necessary.

2. Look For Ways To Cut Down The Sugar In Your Diet

Cutting sugar can help you trim down, and keep your teeth in better shape. Sugar feeds the bacteria that accumulate in your mouth, and that feeding can lead to more enamel damage.

3. Stay Hydrated, And Let Your Dentist Know If You Are Dealing With Frequent Bouts Of Dry Mouth

Drinking water instead of flavored drinks can help you limit sugar, and generally keep you hydrated. This can be especially important if your are prone to dry mouth. Poor hydration can make it harder to produce saliva, which offers natural dental support throughout the day. If you have dry mouth because of medication you have to take, let your doctor know.

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