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3 Tips To Help Better Protect You From Cavities

A cavity is more than just an inconvenience. Dental decay is permanent, and there is no recovering the dental material you lose to its spread.

Restorative dental care can help your tooth function – and look – like normal, but it is always better to avoid a cavity than it is to treat one. Your actions can make a cavity less likely, but they can also increase your risk. It is important to be mindful of what your behaviors put your teeth through. Changing what you typically eat, and giving more time and attention to your daily dental care, can bring about positive changes. You should also be sure to stay on top of your regular preventive dental appointments.

1. Be Sure To Floss When You Clean Your Teeth

Being consistent and thorough every time you brush will make it easier to rid your teeth of plaque and food particles that could cause cavities. However, your toothbrush can do a poor job of cleaning the spaces between your teeth. Flossing regularly helps protect you by cleaning up those areas between teeth. This can also help you prevent gum disease.

2. Swap Out Soft Drinks During Meals With Water

Replacing soft drinks with water means replacing something high in sugar with something sugar-free – that can be a big deal to your teeth. You should also know that because they are so acidic, soft drinks can make your enamel soften.

3. Make Preventive Dental Appointments A Priority

Unless you have instructions from your dentist noting otherwise, plan to have a routine checkup every six months. The cleaning and review you receive each time will help keep your smile at its healthiest.

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