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3 Smile Hazards Of Extra Chewy, Sticky Halloween Candy 

There are some candies that you may feel much more excited about than others, when the fun of Halloween rolls around! It may be all about flavor, texture, particular brands, or even about something you never really indulge in except for during this holiday. With that said, if the type you feel particularly drawn to is one of the extra chewy, sticky variety (or, if you can say it’s definitely on your list of favorites), our Columbia, TX team would like to offer you a word of caution! The stretchy, tacky, chewy, sticky is not so wonderful

for your smile health! Let’s discuss why.

#1: It Can Exhaust Your TMJs

Extra sticky and chewy Halloween candy is most definitely not a smart choice for your TMJ health! Whether you are already having problems with your jaw joints (your TMJs or temporomandibular joints) or not, when you require your jaws to go above and beyond, you tire them out. You stress them. You may cause them to feel uncomfortable or fatigued. While just one piece of a chewy treat may not be cause for concern, eating a lot of this type of sweet treat is not beneficial for your oral health.

#2: It Will Saturate Your Smile

When you’re consuming a food that is very sticky and chewy, think about what happens as you bite into it. It clings to your tooth. While you cannot necessarily tell, as you’re eating it, you’re leaving behind sugar particles that continue to adhere to dental surfaces. You are through eating your candy, of course, but it remains saturating your teeth, where bacteria feast on it, release acids, and contribute to the possible development of tooth decay and softening enamel. While sipping water after this type of candy helps, it’s best to avoid it when possible!

#3: It Can Yank Of Dental Work

About that whole “this sticky, chew candy can stick to my teeth” detail: It can stick to your dental work, too. Think about dental fillings, dental crowns, braces, and anything else! What you may not necessarily realize is that the more the candy sticks to the work and pulls as you eat, the more likely it is to cause oral health damage that is very easy to prevent!

Protect Your Smile This Halloween

Come on in for a checkup, for tips and suggestions in terms of enjoying your Halloween without putting your smile in harm’s way, and for any other care you need from our friendly team. Just call us! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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