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2 Things To Keep Far From Your Smile

Yes, we know that the holidays are merrier and brighter, thanks to candy and presents and all of the indulgent, fun things that show up this time of the year! However, what you cannot always see beneath all of the glitter and excitement is that there are a couple dangerous things lurking here and there (dangers for your smile health, that is). To help you sidestep the details that can end up causing you surprise injury or discomfort, we have a quick list. It just might get your mind a bit more focused on how to protect teeth and gums.

#1: Candy Canes

We know that our suggestion to avoid this candy doesn’t mean that you will. However, it’s worth considering if you want to protect your smile health. Or, it’s worth eating them very carefully at the very least. Here are some details to keep in mind: When you suck on them, you soak teeth in sugar for several minutes, which is bad news if you want to avoid decay. They can easily become sharp, which can lead to scratches and punctures! They’re very hard, which can lead to broken teeth. They are also very sticky, which means they can damage dental work or braces.

#2: All Things Related To Wrapping

Did someone tie off a gift bag with a ribbon and, since you don’t see scissors or keys sitting around, you attempt to bite through it with your teeth? Are you without scissors (you cannot seem to find them), so you’re letting your smile help you with cutting paper as you wrap? Whatever it is you’re missing in regard to your gift wrap process (either wrapping or unwrapping), remember that it’s worth taking the time to find the scissors, and more. Otherwise, you face the possibility of causing your smile health some very costly harm if you ask your teeth do to the work for you.

Keep Your Smile Safe With Easy Seasonal Tips

We can assist you in avoiding accidental oral health problems this year with our advice. Remember, if you need care, simply give us a call! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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