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Worried About Restorative Dentistry? Don’t Be!

Are you incredibly concerned about the prospect of requiring restorative dentistry? If so, do you even know why? Many patients struggle with general dental anxiety? Others have been unhappy with metal fillings or crowns, in the past, and they let that stop them from seeking smile-saving restorative treatment. Fortunately, modern dental restorations are designed to be both beautiful and comfortable. So if you do suspect you have a problem that might require restoration, it’s time to push past your fear and to find out how your dentist could actually help improve the comfort and cosmetics of your smile!

What Are the Warning Signs That You Need Treatment?

One way to help protect your smile is by simply paying attention to changes with it. From chronic dry mouth to bad breath, visible discoloration to a chip or crack, these are all warning signs that your oral health could be in danger.

Anytime you are involved in an accident involving your smile, it is also wise to schedule a dental visit. After all, some damage can be intrinsic in nature, and therefore only detected through a dental x-ray.

Why Prompt action Is Necessary?

By noticing changes, and seeking restorative treatment, you can help to prevent worsening issues such as painful tooth infections and the need for extraction. You can also increase the chance that a minimally invasive treatment will be effective in restoring your smile. For instance, if you have a cavity, a tooth-colored dental filling should be able to improve your comfort and hide any unsightly discoloration caused by the decay.

In the case of chips, cracks and similar issues, porcelain crowns create natural-looking yet durable forms of restoration, which can help to prevent worsening issues, including infection, by sealing the tooth against bacteria exposure.

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