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Whiter Teeth In Less Time Than You Might Expect

How removed are you from a whiter smile? You might expect something like

professional teeth whitening to be a time-consuming process, but cosmetic dental work can be completed in less time than you anticipate. Your dentist can make short work of teeth stains thanks to the use of professional whitening agents. You can go in for a single appointment, and leave with a better smile. You can also opt to take the materials you need home, and whiten your teeth yourself. You should know that your discoloration may not be the type that responds well to whitening agents. If you have intrinsic discoloration, a different cosmetic dental treatment may be appropriate.

One Visit Is All It Takes For Significantly Whiter Teeth

You can leave a single dental appointment with teeth that are several shades whiter than they were before treatment. Your dentist can evenly apply the whitening agents, and use a special curing light to ensure that these agents work quickly.

Professional Whitening Results At Home

If you find it easier to perform the whitening process yourself, your dentist can equip you with the tools you need. This will include your whitening agents, and a special oral insert that ensures even application of this material. Unlike with an in-office treatment, you will need to perform this process on more than one occasion, but the end result will be comparable to the process as administered by your dentist.

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments To Improve Your Smile

Your dentist can do more than just make your teeth whiter. Dental bonding can make a tooth look whiter, and it can fix physical damage. Through the application of composite resin, your dentist can address whatever issue is hurting a tooth’s appearance.

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