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Whitening: What Happens Next When You Don’t Qualify?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When you decide that what would really make you happy would be a smile that looks much whiter, you figure that you’re going to need teeth whitening. So, naturally, you decide to come in to see our Columbia, TN team. However, what happens if you come in and instead of us informing you that you’re currently a wonderful candidate for whitening, we tell you that you’re not? Maybe you can become one. Maybe not! Your immediate thought is: Now what happens? Fortunately, though you may be a little alarmed that the reality of your experience didn’t line up with what you expected, we are happy to remind you … there’s an answer!

We Restore Your Oral Health (Which May Let You Qualify)

Maybe you come in and find out that you’re not a candidate for teeth whitening right now. You find out that it’s because only individuals with healthy smiles qualify but your smile isn’t healthy at the moment! Good news: We can fix this by restoring your oral health with the necessary restorative care (like a filling). Or, we can help you with other issues, such as gingivitis. Then, when we determine that your smile is in good shape and can safely receive whitening, you will discover that you’ve been deemed a good candidate!

We Suggest An Alternative Option For A Whiter Smile

On the other hand, we may also determine that your smile is perfectly healthy. However, in terms of being able to achieve a brilliantly white grin, teeth whitening just isn’t going to cut it. This may be the result of a smile with deep staining. It may be discoloration that’s just very resistant. Whatever the reason behind your not-so-wonderful candidacy for traditional whitening, remember that cosmetic care is quite a fantastic and broad field of dentistry. There’s not just whitening to help you. There are porcelain veneers and there’s dental bonding, too! Find out what will work for you by seeing us!

You Come In For Your Smile Improvement Treatment!

So, now you know whether you can become a candidate for teeth whitening or if you’re going to need to pursue another path through other cosmetic care treatments. All that’s left to do is schedule the treatment you have agreed upon with our team! Then, come on in! You will soon find yourself heading home with a vibrant smile!

Enjoy Achieving A Whiter Smile

Come in for the professional smile improvement you want, when a whiter grin is your goal. Remember that we can help you become a good candidate for teeth whitening or offer an alternative solution! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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