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What Will a Dental Crown Look and Feel Like?


f you have never had to have restorative dental treatment in the past, then it is natural to be concerned about how your smile will look and feel afterwards. For that matter, if it’s been several years, even several decades, since you last needed a dental crown, it’s completely understandable that you might also be feeling nervous about going to the dentist to receive a crown. Fortunately, many modern restorative treatments are designed to be both natural-looking and comfortable, allowing for renewed confidence after a dental visit. For instance, if you already know you

need a dental crown, you can stop worrying, or even delaying treatment, since a porcelain crown should help you feel and look your best once again.

How Can Restoration Protect Your Tooth and Your Confidence?

For many issues, dental crowns make a great restorative option because they represent a durable way to protect teeth from ongoing exposure to bacteria that could lead to infection. This is true of teeth that have been damaged due to trauma, as well as teeth that have become badly decayed, or perhaps even undergone root canal treatment to address an existing infection.

Of course, modern crowns are also designed with cosmetic results in mind. After all, patients want to be able to smile confidently without worrying about others only noticing their metal dental work. For many patients and conditions, porcelain crowns, much like porcelain veneers, are an ideal option, since they can be carefully crafted to look like natural teeth, while still providing incredibly durable protection. In fact, many patients are able to enjoy their porcelain crowns for more than ten years, so long as they maintain proper hygiene at-home, and see their dentist regularly for preventive care.

Need Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry can help to prevent ongoing discomfort and infection. You can schedule a restorative appointment with Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, by calling (931) 388–3384 today.

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