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What’s the Big Deal About Flossing?

Are you a diligent, daily tooth brusher, but only a very occasional flosser? If so, what is stopping you from spending those extra few minutes each day to floss between each of your teeth? Is part of the problem not really understanding why flossing is such a big deal? While many people want to believe that brushing is all their teeth really need, in order to stay healthy in between dental visits, flossing is just as essential to prolonging oral health. That’s because it serves a separate, important function. So, if you really want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, flossing should be an important

Why Is Flossing So Important to Oral Health?

Many people don’t realize how easy it is for food particles and bacteria to fall and even lodge in the tight crevices between teeth. What’s more, they may not be aware that most toothbrush bristles cannot effectively reach into these crevices to dislodge them. That means, that over time people who choose not to floss are far more likely to have plaque bacteria buildup between their teeth, where it can then lead to a host of oral health issues, including unsightly plaque buildup and bad breath, initially. Eventually, plaque between teeth can also cause cavities and gum disease.

How Can You Floss Properly and Comfortably?

Wondering how to floss correctly, or perhaps more importantly, comfortably? Flossing should only take a few minutes, and it should not hurt or irritate healthy gums. To begin, you’ll simply need the right technique.

The American Dental Association has provided a helpful tutorial video online, which demonstrates proper flossing technique while also addressing common questions about flossing. Of course, you could also ask your dentist for a demonstration at your next checkup and cleaning.

Searching for a Preventive Dentist?

Preventive dentistry is necessary to keeping the teeth and gums healthy. You can schedule a checkup and cleaning with Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, by calling (931) 388–3384 today.

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