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Want a More Secure Dental Prostheses?

If you have suffered from adult tooth loss, then you know how hard it can be to enjoy meals or even smiling when missing teeth. Over time, missing teeth can contribute to other problems, as well. For instance, remaining teeth may try to shift to fill the gap that was created by the loss, causing alignment issues that can make chewing even more difficult, and which can cause discomfort as well. Alignment problems can also lead to subconscious teeth grinding, headaches and jaw pain. Maintaining proper nutrition with an incomplete smile can be difficult, as well, since missing teeth make it more difficult to chew effectively, much less comfortably and confidently. Fortunately, unsupported dentures are not the only way to complete the smile. In fact, dental bridges and dental implants both offer effective and more

secure ways to complete a smile impacted by adult tooth loss.

What Are the Alternatives to Unsupported Dentures?

Unsupported dentures are a fast and affordable way to complete one’s smile. That said, they can sometimes shift during chewing. Temporary denture adhesives can help, but there are more permanent and secure options for holding the dentures firmly in place.

Dental bridges and implants are both more secure ways to complete the smile, making them great options for patients seeking great comfort and security, especially when dining.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort with a Dental Bridge or Implant

If you are hoping to achieve a natural-looking smile, and more importantly one that functions well, it is wise to speak with your dentist about how a dental bridge or dental implant could help.

Both bridges and implants are designed to be incredibly natural-looking. Even better, though, they offer more stability than dentures, alone.

Bridges do so by using crowns affixed to remaining teeth, while implants rely on surgically inserted mimic tooth roots to hold replacement teeth firmly in place. These artificial tooth roots also help to nourish the jaw, the way a health tooth root does.

Enjoy a Complete Smile, Again!

If you are in need of a dental prostheses, speak to your dentist about how a bridge or implant could help. You can schedule a consultation with your prosthetic dentist at Creekside Family Dental Center in Columbia, TN by calling (931) 388-3384 today.

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