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Visit The Completed Muletown Mural

Artist Michael Colley has finished creating the second of side of the mural wall that marks the entry to the

Columbia Arts District. This side of Colley’s work on the Columbia Public Mural Project portrays a brightly colored mule, in eye-catching triangles of color in greens and browns. It makes a fitting companion work to the other side of the mural wall, which celebrates the Columbia Fire Department.

Where Is This Mural Located?

The two-sided mural is painted on a wall in front of Columbia Fire Station No. 1, located right next to downtown Columbia. 1000 South Garden Street Columbia, TN

When Was The Mural Completed?

Side one (honoring the fire service) was completed over the summer. The second side (featuring the mule) was completed in late October.

Is There a Charge to View the Mural?

The wall is open to the public at all times. If you visit during business hours, you can also enjoy the sights, sounds and eats of businesses in the Columbia Arts District.

How May I Learn More?

For more information on the mural, or other arts matters, contact Thad Jablonski, Assistant City Manager and Columbia Arts Council Staff Liaison at (931) 922-8514 or

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