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Taking Care Of Dental Discoloration

When you feel unable to smile with confidence because of dental discoloration, your first thought may be to try a store bought whitening treatment. However, when you try to use these products, you can wind up feeling disappointed by limited improvements. At our Columbia, TN dentist's office, we can provide a teeth whitening treatment that produces more significant changes to your appearance. We offer in-office whitening services as well as treatment kits that you can take home. The kits we provide include more potent bleaching agents than you find in store bought kits, so they can still deliver professional-quality improvements.

Do You Feel Uncomfortable With The Color Of Your Teeth?

The frustrating issue with fighting teeth stains is that it can be hard to completely avoid the many foods and drinks that are capable of leaving them on our enamel. Even if you are doing a good job preventing cavities and gum disease, you can wind up with steadily worsening discoloration. To address this issue, you can reach out to our practice and discuss the benefits of cosmetic dentistry! A teeth whitening treatment can make remarkable improvements possible and renew your confidence in your appearance.

Talk With Your Dentist About Professional Teeth Whitening

We offer two different options for people who want to undergo a professional teeth whitening treatment. If you feel that you would rather have a whitening treatment perform at home, you can meet with us to discuss a take-home kit to use on your own time. These kits include potent bleaching gels and personalized whitening trays. We also provide in-office treatments to fight dental discoloration. To maintain your appearance after your treatment, we can even provide you with materials to follow up your whitening procedure and maintain a bright smile!

What Else Can I Do To Improve The Way I Look?

There are many services we offer to help people feel more comfortable with their appearance. Rather than whiten teeth, we can offer porcelain veneers to cover up discoloration, damage, poor alignment, and other issues. We also provide orthodontic services for people who wish to resole trouble with smile gaps and overlaps. When we need to address oral health issues, we can provide treatment with dental crowns to cap and protect teeth while preserving the way they look, too.

Discuss Teeth Whitening At Creekside Family Dentistry!

Through teeth whitening treatment, we can give you renewed confidence in your smile by addressing embarrassing and stubborn stains! This is one of several procedures we offer that can improve your appearance. We can address additional concerns you might have about the way you look. Of course, we can also provide services to improve your oral health! To find out more about our different services, please call Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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