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Take Action When You Suffer Tooth Loss

Why should you worry about tooth loss? The impact a missing tooth has on your appearance is hard to overlook. People can feel real embarrassment at the thought of suffering tooth loss, but there are oral health concerns that should also be taken into account. There are different methods available to

fixing tooth loss. Supporting a replacement tooth with a dental implant allows you to enjoy a steady, functional restoration. Using an implant also helps protect you from a loss of bone mass in your jaw. You can also enjoy permanent support when you receive a dental bridge. Dentures and partial dentures allow you to replace many, or all, of your teeth.

One Lost Tooth Can Have Real Consequences

If you are focused on the cosmetic downsides to tooth loss, you might downplay the significance of a missing tooth that is in a less visible area. The problem with this attitude is that it does not account for the functional problems a single missing tooth can create. You will have to adjust how you chew food, which can put extra strain on remaining teeth, and cause you to feel jaw pain. You could also lose more teeth. It is important to understand the restorative dental benefits of prosthetic dentistry.

Prosthetic Dentistry As Part Of Your Full-Mouth Restoration

If your oral health is declined over time, you could need a full-mouth restoration to bring it back to good standing. For many patients, part of the full-mouth restoration experience will include replacing teeth that have been lost. You can talk to your dentist about your full oral health needs when you go in to replace a lost tooth, or lost teeth.

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