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Surprising Things Tooth Bonding Can Do for Your Smile

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As a popular cosmetic dental treatment, it may be no surprise that tooth bonding can be highly effective at improving a tooth’s overall appearance in many cases. However, much like cosmetic dentistry itself, the benefits of tooth bonding go beyond the appearance of a tooth. Some issues can directly impact your oral health and/or bite balance, and the strategic use of cosmetic bonding can help you address these impacts as well as enhance the appearance of your tooth. Today, we take a look at just a few things bonding can do for your tooth that you might not immediately realize.

Build up a tooth’s worn down structure

Teeth are highly resilient, but after years of use, one or more of them might experience wear on certain areas of their surfaces. In many ways, this is a cosmetic issue, as the worn down tooth surface may impact your smile’s appearance. However, it can also be a more direct threat to your bite balance by changing how the tooth meets its opposite whenever your bite closes. This can lead to increasingly worse wear on the tooth, and potentially others, as the balance in your bite is thrown off even further. With customized tooth bonding, we may be able to restore the worn down portion of your tooth so that the tooth once again fits your bite.

Repairing a tooth chip or fracture

In addition to excessive tooth wear, other factors with your tooth structure can have both a cosmetic and functional impact on your oral health. For example, if the tooth chips or fractures, the noticeable damage can distract from the rest of your smile’s healthy appearance. The damage can also become an increasingly more alarming concern as it grows worse under the pressures of biting and chewing your food every day. Besides being highly cosmetic and matching your tooth’s natural, healthy color and shade, tooth bonding can also help fortify your chipped or fractured tooth to restore its health and structural integrity.

Closing noticeable gaps between teeth

Not every gap in your smile is the result of a lost tooth, but most can still create a highly noticeable effect for your smile’s appearance. These spaces, known as diastemas, are common, and their total impact on your oral health can depend on several different factors. For many patients, however, we can close the gap and improve your smile’s appearance by bonding an appropriate amount of tooth-colored resin.

Learn if tooth bonding can improve your smile

Custom tooth bonding isn’t just a conservative cosmetic treatment; for many patients, it can also provide a minimally invasive way to significantly improve a tooth’s health and integrity. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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