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Stains And Your Smile: Where Are They Coming From?

Are you all ready for a whiter smile because of smile staining, which has left your previously white grin looking somewhat shabby? As a result, have you spent a considerable amount of time wondering what to do about this issue right now and what you can do about not letting this happen again? Our Columbia, TN team understands! Of course, we have all the info you could ever need!

Stuff You Can’t Really Control

Our team understands that you’re probably not too excited about your smile staining and one thing you really want is to be able to pinpoint the culprit, so you can make it go away for good! That way, you figure, you won’t ever have to deal with additional discoloration again. Well, not so fast: It’s true that there are many factors that may contribute to seeing a yellowed smile or a slightly brown smile in the mirror. The real truth of the matter, however, is that in part, this is just “par for the course” with aging. For some, the fact that your teeth are being utilized all the time for breaking down foods means some amount of color change is just likely to happen. (Of course, when you take good care of your teeth, you minimize the severity).

Things You Can Control

There are those details that you can control when we’re talking about what it takes to avoid smile staining, so let’s help you maintain a white smile. Here’s what you need to remember if you want to limit discoloration:

  1. Watch out for anything you know is a stain causer! Whether it’s red wine, berries, coffee, tea, marinara sauce, etc., it has the power to stain and it will stain! Limit foods like this if you can (or get very good about drinking water right after consuming them).

  2. About that water detail: When you make it your primary beverage, you rinse your smile clean all day and you avoid accidentally bathing your smile in staining beverages every day.

  3. Brush every day, twice! Floss, too. When your smile is clean, it’s more likely to stay white because you’re removing the pigmented particles that lead to that pesky discoloration. See us for preventive visits, too.

What To Do About Existing Discoloration

Want to do something about discolored teeth that are already looking a bit stained? Set up a cosmetic visit with our team to learn all about the cosmetic treatments we offer that will let you achieve a whiter smile!

Take Care Of Smile Stains With Cosmetic Care

Say goodbye to your smile discoloration when you see our team to discuss cosmetic treatments. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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