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Smile Changes You Think Come With A Stigma (But Don’t) 

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

ometimes, you find yourself feeling extremely interested in pursuing some particular area of dental care for yourself. However, you may immediately recoil the very moment you consider moving forward with plans because you assume there’s a stigma attached to your goal. What would people say? What might our team have to say about it? While we can certainly understand your desire to make smart choices (and we know the fact that the things you have heard can influence your feelings), our Columbia, TN team would also like to remind you that any professional care you select for yourself is to your smile’s benefit. Learn more!

Cosmetic Dental Care Just Because

You might feel like you’re supposed to have a very compelling reason and story in order to request cosmetic dental care without feeling as though you’re doing something wrong, enjoying something excessively luxurious, etc. However, we remind you: This is a stigma-free choice you’re making! You don’t have to have been prescribed a medication that you took, unwittingly contributing to the development of internal tooth stains, which now require cosmetic treatment, for example. Nope. You can feel like you want a prettier smile just because it makes you happy!

Choosing Traditional Prosthetics (Over Implants)

You may hear so much about dental implants that you almost feel like you must be doing something wrong if you choose traditional prosthetics to address your tooth loss instead. You may think you should feel ashamed for not being more modern and going the route of implant support. However, this is in no way accurate. The reason there are multiple methods of replacing teeth is because different patients have different wants and needs. Simply select the dental care treatment that works best for you!

Going Back To Fluoride Use

Do you strive to use natural products, organic products, and things that aren’t harmful to your body? Do you run in circles that tend to go for fluoride-free toothpaste but you’re realizing now that the reason our team (and the American Dental Association) suggests fluoridated paste is because it offers immense protection against cavities? Here’s a helpful reminder: Fluoride is natural! Feel free to use it. It’s safe, when used as suggested according to our advice and the package label!

Make Wonderful Choices For Your Smile

When you want to follow through with good choices but you’re starting to feel that your smile-decision-making-compass is a bit off, let us know! See us for a visit, so we can help you care for your grin. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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