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Smile Changes You Didn’t Realize Could Be Quick!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are times when our Columbia, TN team will advise you to stay home and keep an eye on your smile. There are moments during which we will tell you that you’re experiencing something that you can treat on your own. Then, there are those instances in which we will advise you to make your dental care as streamlined and efficient as possible (even when you least expect it). Consider some examples that might surprise you!

Minor Tooth Shape Or Texture Issues

You might see that chip in your tooth and wish you could fix it. You may see a craze line that you would prefer wasn’t there. You may check out that pointed tip of your tooth with your tongue every now and then, realizing you’d love if it were smooth. However, you may also remind yourself that there will probably be a long journey if you want to make such changes to tooth shape or texture, so you just forget about it for a while. Good news: We offer the cosmetic dental care you need and it takes just one visit! Learn more about improving shape and texture with bonding and contouring by calling us soon.

Whitening Your Smile!

If you are under the impression that teeth whitening always requires two weeks of your time and that you have to administer it on your own at home, well, this might not be something you get too excited about! Some people prefer it. Others? They just want a very quick treatment that we will provide in our office, so they can instantly enjoy a smile transformation that reveals a beautifully illuminated smile. Fortunately, we offer Zoom! Whitening. This is a cosmetic dental care treatment that lets you say goodbye to multiple shades of dental staining and all within just one visit (and in the neighborhood of just one hour).

Getting a Dental Crown!

Worried about your smile’s future because you know that you need a dental crown but you’ve been down that road before at another practice and it took forever? Good news about the dental care we offer: It includes CEREC crowns. Translation: You can come in, find out you need a crown, have the crown designed, and have it placed in one visit. It’s true! Call us today to schedule a visit.

Enjoy Quick Smile Improvements

Remember that even some of the changes and improvements you want or need for your smile that you assume will be time-consuming are often quite quick! Find out more by contacting our dental team! To schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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