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Selecting A Restoration To Address Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a serious impediment to good oral health, in addition to harming your appearance when you smile. You can have a harder time comfortably biting and chewing when you have even one absent tooth. Eventually, that discomfort could lead you to experiencing frequent jaw discomfort. You also have a greater chance of losing more teeth if you forgo the replacement of a lost tooth.

Your dentist can offer a dental prosthetic that discreetly restores your smile, making it look normal again. A permanent prosthetic can also ensure that you regain normal dental function.

What Is The Most Likely Cause Of Tooth Loss?

You might expect complications from cavities, or physical injuries, to be the primary cause of tooth loss. The actual leading cause is poor periodontal health. If you let gum disease go unaddressed, your condition can worsen, and you could find yourself suffering a loss of dental support. This is why regular dental checkups are so beneficial – in addition to checking your teeth, your dentist is also watching for problems with your gum tissue.

Working With Your Dentist To Find The Right Prosthetic For You

Your dentist can help you select the prosthetic that best suits your individual needs. Many people will enjoy the benefits of having a prosthetic supported with a dental implant, or (for more significant tooth loss) dental implants. Implant support means enjoying a permanent restoration that improves your dental function. This can also protect you from jaw problems that can arise after tooth loss. After you receive your dental implant(s), your dentist can provide you with your proper restoration.

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