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Restoring An Incomplete Smile With A Dental Prosthetic

If you have lost a tooth, or if you are missing several teeth, your dentist can step in and offer help by

providing you with a dental prosthetic. The reasons for replacing a lost tooth go beyond any sensitivity about how tooth loss hurts your appearance, though you should not feel self-conscious about wanting to improve your appearance. Tooth loss makes you more likely to lose more teeth, and puts remaining teeth under extra strain. You can also develop problems with your jaw. Your dentist can talk to you about what prosthetic resources are available, so that you can leave your treatment with a restored smile.

The Benefits Of Having A Dental Implant Hold Your Prosthetic

One way to secure a replacement tooth is through the use of a dental implant. The implant itself will be placed by an oral surgeon (a trusted surgeon can be recommended by your dentist). Once it is placed, and healed, your dentist can fit a replacement tooth onto it. This method means having a permanent prosthetic that does not interfere with other teeth. It can also protect you against the deterioration your jaw, something that can happen when you have suffered tooth loss.

Restoring A Lost Tooth Can Help Prevent Jaw Troubles

Did you know that tooth loss can make you more likely to develop TMJ problems? This happens because you are forced to accommodate a missing tooth. Those unnatural adjustments to how you eat and speak leave you putting your jaw through uncomfortable motions, which places the joints under strain. By taking care to replace missing teeth, you can prevent TMJ problems, and enjoy a more natural jaw function again.


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