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Responding To Your Cavity With The Right Restoration

responding to your cavity with the right restoration

dental filling. However, at a certain point, decay will do more damage than a filling can reliably fix. If you find yourself dealing with a more severe cavity, you can expect to need a dental crown.

Discreet And Dependable Care With Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin is used to make your dental filling. This material bonds directly to your tooth, and can mimic the appearance of your enamel, meaning you have support that does not undermine how you look when you smile. Preventive dental appointments make it more likely your dentist will spot tooth decay at earlier stages, so you will be more likely to enjoy this more conservative restoration.

Providing Support For A Tooth After A Serious Cavity

A serious cavity can become painful, and even threaten the overall health of your tooth. If a cavity has progressed to this more advanced stage, your tooth may need a dental crown. A dental crown covers the tooth to the gum line, and takes the impacts of biting and chewing. Thanks to CEREC technology, your dentist can actually provide you with your life-like ceramic crown in a single visit.

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