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Quiz: Reviewing Your Knowledge Of Restorative Dentistry

Here is one important piece of

information about restorative dental work – if you put off a necessary treatment, you allow a problem to worsen. If you go without treatment for a cavity, you lose more of that tooth to decay, and you could ultimately find yourself needing a more involved treatment. When you understand what is involved with restorative work, and what can happen if you neglect it, you can better appreciate the value of prompt care. Preventive appointments with your dentist make it easier for you to catch and receive prompt treatment for problems. These visits should take place every six months.


True Or False: With CEREC technology, your dentist can provide you a dental crown in less time, but it still takes two visits for you to receive it.

True Or False: Once a cavity develops, it will not grow as long as you keep up with good brushing habits.

True Or False: Composite resin fillings are harder to see than metal fillings, because they do a superior job blending in with your tooth.


False! CEREC technology puts the necessary tools in your dentist’s office to produce your crown in a single visit. You can have your measurements taken, and your dentist can design and produce the crown at the office, all in one visit.

False! Your enamel can recover from some damage, but not a fully developed cavity. Once decay takes hold, you will need your dentist’s help to stop it from continuing to spread.

True! Composite resin can actually be blended to match the color of your tooth, and its appearance is similar to the texture of your enamel.

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