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Orthodontic Care: What To Expect From Us!

As you know, there are some dental practices that will

advise you regarding orthodontic care but that don’t provide it. There are those that offer it for adults only. The list goes on! So, what can you expect from our team for you and your family, should someone require care for misalignment concerns? Let’s walk you through the details (Hint: It’s what you’re hoping to hear).

We Can Help Any Age

Good news about bringing yourself, your spouse, or any other member of your family in for orthodontic care: We offer it for all ages. Keep in mind, however, that we may suggest keeping an eye on younger children’s teeth and then beginning treatment around the ages of 10 through 14. However, as you have likely become familiar with, care is always recommended on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like our opinion regarding potential care for any aged children, teens, or adults, all it takes is setting up a consultation. We will be happy to talk orthodontics with you, while creating a care plan. (Remember, you’re not the only adult out there interested in a straighter grin … we treat grownups every day).

We Offer Braces

We provide our patients interested in orthodontic care with braces. These are composed of brackets and wires, which will shift most types of misalignment into place. This means you can bring the whole family in for care, whether alignment concerns include spacing or overcrowding, underbite, crossbite, overbite, open bite, etc. Not sure what’s going on with your smile but you are quite certain that it is not uniform? Schedule a visit to learn more about aligning your teeth soon!

Schedule Time To Discuss Orthodontic Treatment

If you think you may benefit from orthodontic care, it’s never too soon to schedule a consultation to learn more. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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