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Need to Address a Dental Problem? Consider a Seamless Smile Solution

Need Restorative Dentistry?

talk to your dentist about how a seamless restoration could help.

Are You Suffering from Dental Discomfort?

Dental discomfort is just one of the common indicators of problems, like cavities. Since the layer beneath the teeth’s enamel is more sensitive, this is why many patients experience moderate to severe discomfort when they have developed cavities.

Discoloration, including black or grey lines within the crevices of the teeth, or even white patches on the surface of the teeth can all be indicators that the enamel has been eroded, as well. Chronic dry mouth and bad breath can also be warning signs of dental problems.

If you notice changes in your smile, it is best to schedule a dental appointment, to determine the cause of the issue. This is especially true if you have postponed your regular preventive checkup and cleaning, during which your dentist will check for any burgeoning problems, like cavities.

Choose a Seamless Solution

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, a dental filling will likely be recommended. Fortunately, modern tooth-colored fillings can often be created using composite resin, a material that can be shaded and sculpted to match natural teeth, and which also bonds tightly with teeth creating a great seal against bacteria.

For other issues, including teeth that require root canal therapy to treat infections, or chips or cracks caused by trauma, dental crowns may be recommended. These too can be made to look natural, while still providing great protection from further wear.

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