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It Seems Like A Toothache … But Is It?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When your tooth hurts, of course, you refer to what’s going on as a toothache. This is a logical thing to do, considering that this is the living definition of that term! However, what you assume is going on with that tooth is not necessarily going to be what’s really happening. In addition, pain that appears to be coming from your tooth might actually be coming from another source, which can be quite surprising! With that said, it all really boils down to this: Our Columbia, TN team reminds you that rather than making any assumptions about this uncomfortable symptom, remember to take the time to see our friendly team for a diagnosis and treatment (should you need it) to make your life easy!

It Could Be (Come See Us)!

Of course, your toothache could be just what you think it is! You might have a cavity that requires a dental filling. You may have some infection brewing in there that is going to require a root canal treatment. Of course, to find out and to receive the treatment necessary, you’ll have to come in for a checkup, so call us soon!

It May Be Irritation

You may assume you’re going to need some sort of restorative dental care for your toothache. However, it’s entirely possible that discomfort that seems serious enough for professional dental care may, in fact, be some serious irritation instead. Of course, since you cannot know for sure without visiting our team, we always suggest you set up a visit. With that said, we also remind you not to make any assumptions! You may discover that you forgot about accidentally hitting your tooth with a fork, glass, etc., and that you’re just experiencing the aftermath of that impact.

It Might Be Your Gum Tissue

Yes, it might feel like a toothache but never forget that the nerves in your mouth don’t always lend themselves to absolute accuracy. It’s entirely possible that the pain you’re experiencing is not necessarily coming from dental tissue but instead from gum tissue. Is it an abrasion? Gingivitis? See us to find out!

It Is Possible That It’s Congestion Pressure

We know patients often overlook this detail: Congestion frequently plays a role in what seems like a classic toothache. Yes, it feels uncomfortable, however, it may simply be caused by pressure from your sinuses! When in doubt, check in with us.

See Us For Answers When You Have A Toothache

Don’t leave the outcome of how you react to your toothache up to assumptions! Instead, come in to see our team, so we may examine your smile, learn more about your symptoms, and offer any necessary care. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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