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How To Make Dental Care Last

When you receive dental care from our Columbia, TN team, whether it’s a restorative treatment or cosmetic dental work, you will likely always ask yourself: How can I make these results last? We are pleased when we receive such questions from our patients because this shows that you are invested in protecting the health of your grin, the beauty, the function, the structure, and more! We are also very happy to fill you in on a secret … it’s extremely easy to prolong the results of your smile care and to keep your grin in beautiful condition. You just need a little bit of information that goes a long way!

Care For Your Smile At Home

You may fear that caring for your dental work is going to take some type of complicated efforts. However, we reassure you, it isn’t. The first step is becoming absolutely dedicated to your home care. What’s this include, you’re thinking? Well, it really just means you brush twice every day (morning and night) and that you floss once daily (either morning or night). As a combination, these efforts make up your dental hygiene. They remove debris, plaque, and bacteria within plaque, so you prevent all sorts of oral health-related issues that can cause your smile health and the beauty of your dental work to decline.

Don’t Take Big Risks

So, you want your smile and any dental work you receive to remain pristine and to last and last! We get it! While there’s no magic wand that will do this for you, there’s one more thing to consider in regard to your efforts at home. In addition to dental hygiene, you should be very careful about taking big risks. If you don’t want to damage your smile in any way, then limit or steer clear of foods that stain, foods that are too hard to eat, anything that could break or chip your teeth, acidic foods and beverages, very sticky items, and even limit your chewing habits (such as gum chewing or fingernail biting). Easy!

Recognize The Importance Of Checkups (And Cleanings)

When you receive dental care that you want to maintain and protect, such as a tooth that’s had bonding, a smile that’s received teeth whitening, a crown, or anything else, we remind you that the most important thing you can do (in addition to dental hygiene) is to come see us.

Prolong Dental Results With Optimal Care

When you receive dental care from our practice and you’re interested in keeping it as safe as possible, remember that it’s all about your dental hygiene and continuing to see our team for preventive visits! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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