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How Replacing Teeth Helps You Avoid Even More Damage! 

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

You know on a strictly “this is what I want” level that your goal after tooth loss is to replace your missing teeth. You don’t really want a smile that has openings and you don’t want to deal with the obvious side effects that come with those spaces (like difficulty with eating). With that said, however, you may not recognize that there are even more compelling reasons to follow through with completing your smile and doing it soon! In short, when you do so, our Columbia, TN team reminds you that you actually avoid additional damage down the line. Find out more!

A Complete Smile Is Easier To Keep Clean (And Healthy)

Did you know that when you replace your missing teeth, rather than leaving open spaces, you’re actually doing yourself a big favor? Think about it. When there are openings, this provides places for bacteria, food debris, and more to hang out. Every time you brush, rinse, floss, etc., you get things clean and then the areas can essentially fill up again. So, replacing your teeth helps you create structure and consistency again, while preventing debris from piling up, so you can avoid dental hygiene that becomes more of a challenge, which can cause you to become more vulnerable to the development of things like cavities.

Completing Your Grin Makes For A Balanced Bite

In other news, did you know that tooth loss can also lead to problems for your jaw joints? Yep. Remember that the way your top teeth and bottom teeth fit together (called your bite balance) is actually extremely important for your overall oral health. When teeth fit together like puzzle pieces, this makes chewing and even rest easy on your jaw joints. When things aren’t fitting together so well, you may have to move your jaw in new, strange ways that can stress your TMJs, which can then lead to TMJ disorder! Replace your teeth to stop this.

Your Complete Smile Can Remain In Alignment

Now, for the real shock! When you deal with tooth loss, as you know, the spaces where your teeth previously resided are left open. You may guess that teeth each have their own specific space within which they remain. However, as that is not the case, the teeth that are still standing in your smile will start to move toward those fresh openings. Over time, this can cause a misaligned smile (which will require orthodontics). Avoid such a conundrum by choosing prosthetics!

Consider The Significance Of Tooth Replacement

Spend time talking over your tooth replacement options with our friendly team, when you find yourself facing tooth loss. Remember that we offer a variety of solutions, so you may enjoy a full smile and good oral health. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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