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How Contouring Saves The Day For Little Concerns

Sometimes you notice little concerns like a tiny chip on one tooth or you realize that one tooth is just slightly longer than the one next to it. These seem like such small worries that you may pass them off for a while as “too insignificant” to bring to our attention. However, the truth is that any type of esthetic concern that takes away from the beauty of your smile as a whole actually is a big deal because it’s having a serious impact. So, here’s what our Columbia, TN team would like to remind you: We offer cosmetic care such as dental contouring because we feel strongly about addressing all of your dental care needs! Consider the way contouring may save the day for you.

One Tooth Is Barely Longer Than Others

We know that it might not seem like a big deal but when you notice that one of your teeth is longer than the others, it can drive you a bit wild. We encourage you to talk with us about this issue. In most cases, it will not harm your oral health in any way. However, we will be more than happy to discuss how dental contouring can save the day! We will gently reduce the length of your tooth, so it is in line with those around it (or so that it provides symmetry to your grin).

Your Tooth Is Actually Irritating Your Soft Tissues

Any little rough spot can cause irritation to your soft tissue. Let us know if this is happening to you, so we may fix it with contouring.

You’ve Got A Minor Texture Complaint

Maybe you don’t have a big chip on the border of your tooth. You do, however, notice that the edge of your tooth isn’t smooth but seems slightly chipped or jagged. What should you do? While sometimes, you need additional “tissue” with the help of dental bonding, there are other instances in which the issue is very slight and is easily smoothed with the use of dental contouring. How can you know for sure whether bonding or contouring is going to be the cosmetic treatment that swoops in and saves the day? You come in for a dental checkup with us, of course!

Let Contouring Fix Your Esthetic Blemishes

When you are interested in quickly saying goodbye to small blemishes that can make a big impact on your smile, coming in to find out whether contouring will work for you is your best first step! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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