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How Bonding a Tooth Fixes More than Its Appearance

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Improving a smile’s appearance can be tricky sometimes. For most cosmetic smile issues, the concern isn’t usually a significant one for your overall oral health. Therefore, improving it shouldn’t require drastic measures or complex cosmetic treatments that involve altering significant amounts of your tooth structure. In fact, most cosmetic dental treatments are designed to be minimally invasive to help better preserve your long-term oral health In some cases, such as cosmetic tooth bonding, they do this so well that the treatment not only improves your smile’s appearance, but also the health and integrity of your natural tooth structure.

It can build up a worn-down tooth

The tooth bonding process involves using tooth-colored composite resin to build up or repair your natural tooth structure. For example, if one or more of your teeth have worn down (which may be a sign of bruxism), then bonding may be able to restore the tooth structure its healthy, natural form. Depending on the cause of your tooth wear, however, bonding might not be the only treatment you need. For instance, if you have bruxism, then you may also require the help of a custom-designed appliance to protect your teeth and cosmetic treatment from damage.

It can repair minor chips and cracks

Tooth wear can lead to significant problems if not addressed, but it isn’t the only form of tooth damage that cosmetic tooth bonding can often treat. For some patients, the concern isn’t tooth wear, but more direct damage, such as a fracture or a piece breaking off of the tooth. If the damage to your tooth isn’t too severe, then bonding it may be an effective and highly conservative option. Tooth-colored composite resin doesn’t just blend in with your tooth structure, but also bonds to it securely, making it a durable way to restore your tooth from damage and hold the structure together under your bite pressure.

It can restore your bite’s balance

By repairing issues with your tooth structure in a minimally invasive way, cosmetic tooth bonding is able to provide overall benefits to your oral health that are much greater than you might realize. For instance, the size and shape of your teeth play a significant role in the overall balance and function of your bite. If they’re damaged or worn down, it can cause the rest of your bite’s structures (like the jaw joints) to suffer, as well. Improving your teeth with bonding and, therefore, improving the balance of your bite can help you avoid many more substantial smile concerns later on in life.

Fix your tooth with cosmetic bonding

Tooth-colored composite resin can be a great cosmetic solution for your smile, but bonding can also help restore and fortify your teeth in several important ways. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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