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Hard-To-See Paths Toward Tooth Loss

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

You may not necessarily have the foresight at this time to realize you may already be on the path toward tooth loss! Which path, you ask? Well, there are many. With that said, they are often hard to see because you might not make the connection between very early decisions in your smile care and the long-term consequences. Lucky for you, however, our Columbia, TN team is happy to remove the mystery and help you improve your outlook, so you know how to keep your smile safe (and your teeth in place).

You’re Not Serious About Brushing, Flossing, Etc.

You may feel shocked at the idea that even though you’re brushing every day, choosing not to floss could lead to tooth loss. Or, that though you brush daily and floss sometimes, you’re not always thorough. We remind you when you are not providing your oral health with complete protection through dental hygiene, you are giving bacteria the opportunity to get started with the development of problems like tooth decay or gum disease. When left to progress, these issues can destroy your tissue to such a severe extent that you lose your teeth

You’re Not Coming In For Necessary Care

Whether you’re doing a wonderful job with your smile care or you’re just doing any okay job, sometimes a cavity will occur. Sometimes, gingivitis will develop. These are issues that we can easily help you prevent or quickly control when you visit us for cleanings and checkups. When what you need is to address an oral health disease that has just begun, you’ll simply come in for the appropriate treatment. You may need a filling for a cavity, a deep cleaning for periodontal concerns, etc. So, here’s where things can go well or guide you toward tooth loss: When you agree to the treatment you need, the problem is fixed and you’re back on track. When you don’t schedule it, the damage continues and you’re headed toward the possibility of losing affected teeth.

Physical Impacts

This one is plain and simple! You may end up dealing with tooth loss if you end up experiencing a strong impact that severely damages or dislodges your tooth. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid such a moment. Other times, you can prepare (such as by wearing an athletic mouthguard when you’re active). Remember: Make good choices to keep those teeth safe! Have questions? Just ask us!

Prevent Tooth Loss With Our Tips

Come in not only for the dental checkups, cleanings, and other care that you need but also to learn all about how to keep your smile as safe as possible. Talk with us about tooth loss, so we can provide education. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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