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Guards Provide Nightly Relief

If you have trouble with your sleep, or if you find yourself winding up tired well before lunchtime, you might look for a solution. But you might not know that many issues with nightly rest lie within the movement of the jaw. Unconscious changes or problems with the way your mouth lies while you sleep can both lead to serious concerns with your oral health.

Today your Columbia, TN dentist explains two common issues related to sleep and the jaw. The first is sleep apnea, where you stop breathing momentarily through the night. The second is bruxism, or the collision of the teeth, and both of these are dangerous!

Avoid Surgery

For patients with sleep apnea, many of the possible therapies are simply unappealing. CPAP machines are noisy and large, so much so that they are a frequent butt of sitcom jokes. And surgery makes people hesitant, but what other option is there?

A nightly-worn mouthguard may provide relief and improve your oxygen levels. This positions your jaw slightly forward so that your airway remains open throughout the night. This doesn't rely on a chemical solution or any major changes to your body.

Protect Your Teeth

Bruxism is another concern that happens at night. This is the term for grinding, gnashing, or any other way that the teeth hit each other. This can flatten your molars and shorten your incisors, and it leaves an unappealing look.

This can also lead to an infection of the tooth, when the enamel fully wears through. When this happens, you will either need an extraction or a root canal. We would like to avoid this if at all possible, and a custom guard might be a great situation for you.

Questions Or Concerns?

If you think you're doing damage during your sleep, don't wait! Call Creekside Family Dentistry in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384!

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