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Enjoy Lumineers At A Special Discounted Price!

For a limited time, you can enjoy the

impressive cosmetic dental benefits of Lumineers at a terrific discount. Your dentist can provide you with a set of eight Lumineers for only $5500, a significant drop from the standard cost for these items. The procedure only requires two visits to complete, so you can be ready for the holidays with a terrific new smile. These lighter veneers can cover up discolored teeth, and they address physical flaws. If you have congenital problems, if you have seen the appearance of your teeth decline with age, or if you have suffered a physical injury, Lumineers can help you enjoy a terrific, natural-looking smile. With the current discounted rate, you may not find a better opportunity to enjoy their impressive benefits – just be sure to take advantage before the special is gone!

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are an especially thin version of veneers. This thinness makes the process of preparing your teeth easier, as they require less work done on your teeth than standard porcelain veneers. Your teeth will have less enamel removed. In some instances, your dentist may not have to remove any of the enamel from your teeth to make room for them. Your dentist will be able to place your Lumineers after two visits. The first visit is about measuring and preparing your teeth. Once the Lumineers are constructed and sent to your dentist, and confirmed to be the appropriate fit, they will be permanently bonded to your teeth.

Enjoying Expert Cosmetic Care From Your Dentist

Your dentist is trained to provide expert care when it comes to your oral health, and when it comes to caring for your appearance. If you have concerns about your appearance when you smile, let your dentist know at your next appointment.

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