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Easter Egg Hunt In The Park 2019!

Hooray! Easter is almost here, which means lots of lovely things! One of those details, of course, is the fact that this holiday means fun, outdoor activities that are geared toward family time (and lots of yummy treats). So, remember to take some time in early celebration as you join our Columbia, TN community at the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt in the park. Your kids will absolutely love it (and they might even share their loot with you!).

What Is This Event?

The Easter Egg Hunt for 2019 brings together our community at Riverwalk Park, where your kiddos get to search their hearts out not only for beautiful eggs but for eggs that are going to contain sweet treats, surprises, and more! Of course, you can also expect a friendly visit from the beloved Easter Bunny, who makes everything so much more special!

When Is It Happening?

The event takes place on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 from 10am to 12pm!

Where Will The Event Take Place?

Join other members of our Columbia community at the Riverwalk Park, which is easily located at the following address:

102 Riverside Dr Columbia, TN 38401

Who Gets To Participate?

Of course, everyone is invited to the event! As for the ever exciting egg hunt portion of the experience, two age groups are invited to participate. Children ages one through six will enjoy one area for a fun egg hunt, while children ages seven through 12 will look for eggs and the other surprises in another!

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a free event for the whole family!

How May I Learn A Little More?

You are welcome to contact Nick Riedel at 931-380-2742 to ask questions and learn a bit more about this upcoming Easter celebration.

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