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Discreet Cosmetic Dental Care In Less Time Than You Expect

The results you enjoy from a

cosmetic dental treatment can offer dramatic changes, while allowing your smile to maintain a natural appearance. You can fix a variety of different flaws with this a cosmetic procedure, and a dental bonding and contouring treatment can ensure you enjoy those benefits in less time than you might expect. Dental bonding and contouring can be completed in a single appointment, so you can see real changes in short order. This treatment allows you to address misshapen or poorly sized teeth, while also addressing problems of discoloration. Many patients will count on dental bonding, as the process can be completed in less time, and for less cost, than having a set of porcelain veneers placed.

How Bonding And Contouring Can Improve Your Smile

Bonding and contouring can work in tandem to make dramatic improvements to a tooth’s appearance. Contouring is performed when a tooth is too large, too jagged, or has some other issue that requires removing some small amount of enamel. Once this is completed, your dentist can perform the bonding treatment, which involves covering the tooth with composite resin. Bonding allows your dentist to hide damages, as well as discoloration on a tooth. That includes intrinsic discoloration, which can persist even after a professional whitening treatment.

Composite Resin Is Also Effective For Restorative Dental Work

Your dentist counts on composite resin for more than just its ability to make cosmetic improvements. They also rely on this substance when they need to provide patients with a dental filling. A composite resin filling can bond directly with your tooth, while matching the surrounding enamel, so that its presence has minimal cosmetic impact.

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