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Dental Fillings: 3 Rules To Live By

There are some things you should definitely consider when it comes to guidelines for tooth decay. As you know, if you end up with a cavity, we will most likely

suggest a dental filling for you. That is, assuming you actually come see us for a visit, that you haven’t waited too long, etc. So, what types of rules might you want to live by to ensure you keep your teeth safe once a cavity forms? We can make this very easy for you!

#1: If You Think You Need A Filling, Come In

If you think you recognize the feeling you’re experiencing and that it’s probably a cavity, let us know. Come in to find out whether you do need a filling or something else. Or, if you’re having some other sensation that’s not good, come in. We may determine you need a dental filling. Or, we will catch an issue that needs some other type of care, so your discomfort stops.

#2: If We Recommend A Filling, Schedule It!

If you see us and we tell you that the best solution to restore your oral health is a dental filling, then we strongly suggest you schedule it. If you wait, problems associated with the decay can affect your tooth. You’ll end up with a larger cavity and the chance of infection goes on the rise. See us soon when a filling is necessary.

#3: If Your Filled Tooth Feels Bad, Call Us

Are you worried that something is wrong with your tooth, even though it already has a dental filling? When your tooth doesn’t feel right, call us. Addressing any issue ASAP instead of waiting a while is the best choice.

Protect Teeth With Fillings When Decay Strikes

When decay shows up, treating a tooth with a dental filling as soon as possible allows you to maintain your oral health and keep your tooth! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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