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Canker Sores: Q&A To The Rescue!

What’s a canker sore, you may wonder? Is that what you’re seeing in your mouth? It sure feels horrible, so … should you do something about it or just wait it out and hope for the best? Since these sores can feel particularly uncomfortable (and they don’t look very lovely either), they commonly cause patients serious alarm. The good news is: They’re actually usually nothing to feel too concerned over. Let our Q&A fill in further details.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is a canker sore something that can show up anywhere on my mouth or in my mouth?

Answer: This type of oral health concern won’t show up on your lips. If a sore is on your lips, you can assume it is something else. This type of issue shows up in your mouth only.

Question: What type of sore is it? If it seems like an ulcer, then is it safe to say it’s a canker?

Answer: If you have never experienced a canker sore before and you really aren’t certain, then it is perfectly acceptable for you to come in for a visit. However, to answer your question: Yes, they are shallow ulcers. You’ll generally see a light-hued center (usually white or yellow) with red surrounding it.

Question: Does this mean I need a visit?

Answer: You only need to visit us if you really aren’t certain it’s a canker sore or if it’s very big, extremely painful, or not healing. Otherwise, you are in good shape if you let it heal. Swish with a solution of salt and water to keep it clean and don’t touch it! Give it a week. If you don’t see improvement, then this is another reason to schedule a checkup.

See Us For Concerning Sores

If you know you have a canker sore and it heals up on its own, you’re just fine! If you have a bad canker sore or cannot identify what the problem is, feel free to come in for a visit! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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