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Can I Use Dental Contouring For…?

You’ve heard of dental contouring and you think to yourself excitedly: Hey, I wonder if that will work for me! However, all you really know about it so far is that it’s a cosmetic treatment our Columbia, TN team offers and it allows us to carefully polish away a little of your enamel. As for all of the ways we can use it to improve smile problems, well, you’re not a master just yet! No worries. Letting you know the different ways you can rely on this cosmetic treatment is our pleasure! If you are ready for improvements and need a bit of direction, come on in for a consultation.

Can I Use Contouring For A Sharp Spot?

In most instances, we will likely suggest dental contouring as your cosmetic treatment of choice for sharp spots on your teeth. For example, do you have a tooth with a super-pointed surface? If that point is sharp and is bothering you, then with some quick and gentle contouring, we can alter it to a softer, rounder tip. Just remember that we will need to first take a look at your smile to ensure what you’re feeling isn’t the result of a chip (which may actually need bonding), a cavity, or something else.

Can I Use It For Overlapping Teeth?

This is a question we receive frequently and that we can answer with “sometimes.” If you’re experiencing teeth that overlap and it’s widespread and the result of true misalignment (or it’s quite severe), then dental contouring isn’t going to be the right fit. Instead, you will likely require orthodontics to address what we call “overcrowding.” However, when the issue is very mild and is negatively affecting your appearance, we can often use contouring to reduce a bit of tissue, leaving your smile looking even and teeth looking flush.

Can I Use This Treatment For Tooth Shape?

Of course, relying on dental contouring is something you may do when you’re unhappy with tooth shape. Our team reminds you that it can only take tissue away, so if you’re primarily concerned with reduction, contouring fits the bill. If you need more tissue, too, then you may wish to use contouring in addition to bonding for a comprehensive approach.

Use Contouring For Your Unique Cosmetic Needs

Are you thinking that contouring may be just right for the improvements your smile needs? Let us know during a cosmetic consultation, so we may help you figure it out! To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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