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Broken Teeth: 3 Very Important Factors To Consider

There are some things you may not be considering when we’re talking about broken teeth. Sure, you may realize that they can happen to anyone and that they will require care but when you actually find yourself with serious dental damage, it can be quite shocking (and upsetting). Let our Columbia, TN team offer you the advance guidance and information you need to feel calm, cool, and collected about keeping your smile nice and safe.

#1: You Shouldn’t Feel Bad, Just Feel Motivated

It can happen to anyone! Whether you end up with a broken tooth because you’ve been ignoring a cavity for months and, since you didn’t come in for a filling, your tooth broke, don’t spend too much time feeling guilty. Instead, take time to come in to see us to fix the problem and promise yourself you’ll do better now, in the future, and next time with protecting your oral health! Or, maybe it just happened as a complete accident. Again, you cannot control everything but what you can control is rushing to our practice for essential care.

#2: You Really Need To See Us

Ignoring a broken tooth is quite a serious decision. Of course, as you already know or can guess, the result can be quite uncomfortable. The nerves in your tooth are exposed, which doesn’t yield nice sensations. In addition to this particular issue is the fact that your tooth also becomes susceptible to infection because your tooth is open to the world around in (which includes lots of oral bacteria). See our team as soon as you can, so we may treat the tooth and reseal it, likely with the help of a dental crown.

#3: Broken Tissue Often Breaks More

Yes, you realize that your tooth may hurt and that infection can happen but what you may not realize is that if you don’t see us right away for dental care, you may be gambling with that tooth! Though treatments like root canals can clear infection and crowns can save the tooth’s structure, if you wait too long and the tooth breaks so much that there’s only a bit of tissue left, you may need an extraction. Seeing us as soon as you can will help you allow us to rescue that tooth, so contact us right away!

Contact Us For Help With A Broken Tooth

Our team strongly advises you to come in right away when you deal with a broken tooth. Fixing the damage immediately promotes a greater chance of saving your tooth for lasting results and a speedy return to smile health. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Creekside Family Dental Care in Columbia, TN, today at (931) 388–3384.

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