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Bluegrass After Dark

Is it safe to say that you are a fan of bluegrass? If so, then you’re likely not one to be very happy if you learn you missed out on a bluegrass festival, house concert, or otherwise. Since it’s not happening during the daytime hours, we are letting you in on an easy-to-miss event that might be just what you love stumbling across: Bluegrass After Dark.

What Is This?

Bluegrass After Dark is a night full of bluegrass performances from the likes of groups like The Tennessee Warblers. Join other community members in the Arts District, while you take in finger picking and harmony to your heart’s content!

When Is It?

The event takes place on Saturday, January 27th 2018 from 6pm to 11pm (music begins at 7pm).

Where Is It?

Head to the Mule Town Lumberyard for the music event at the following address:

1104 South Garden St Columbia, TX 38401

How Much Is Admission?

You may enjoy the event for $16 per person.

How To Find Out More?

Call the Mule Town Lumberyard at (931) 901-0606.

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