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Bad Breath: Common Causes Explained by Columbia Dentist

Ever wonder what causes bad breath? More importantly, ever wonder how to get rid of bad breath? Your Columbia dentist, Dr. David Foster, can provide the answers to both questions. Dr. Foster can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment options to help get you on the road to sweet-smelling breath.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, has many causes, many of which come from plaque trapped between teeth. While proper home dental care can eliminate bad breath, Dr. Foster may need to examine your current routine to determine if it is working for you. When plaque and tarter build up around your teeth, they encourage the growth of sulfur-producing bacteria, which can lead to bad breath.

Food particles can also get trapped in your tongue’s tiny fissures. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in these fissures, and can lead to the production of sulfur. One easy solution to help eliminate halitosis-causing substances on the tongue is to brush your tongue daily. We can recommend a tongue cleaner and show you the proper technique. Periodontal disease, or gum disease can also cause bad breath. By addressing and treating gum disease, Dr. Foster can also help you get eliminate chronic bad breath.

Some causes of bad breath are due to habit. Have a habit of eating food with lots of garlic or onions? These and other famously “smelly” foods contain volatile sulfur compounds that will continue to affect your breath until they have been completely digested. Do you smoke? Smokers are notorious for having problems with halitosis. Of course, quitting smoking should improve your breath immediately as well as dramatically improve the health of your mouth and your whole body.

Your Columbia Dentist Can Help with Bad Breath

Dr. Foster will help you develop a proper dental care routine which begins with scheduling regular cleanings. During your cleaning we remove any sulfur-producing bacteria from your mouth which reduces the likelihood of bad breath returning. Dr. Foster will then help you develop an at-home care routine which may include using a special anti-bacterial rinse. For periodontal disease, Dr. Foster will provide a deep cleaning of your teeth. Dr. Foster may prescribe medications to treat the disease as well.

Eliminate Bad Breath by Calling Dr. Foster Today

Bad breath is unfortunate for you and those around you. More importantly, bad breath could be associated with periodontal disease. Dr. Foster can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment to help improve your dental health and provide you with better breath. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Foster today at (931)-388-3384.

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