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Amazing Benefits of Sugar Free Gum Chewing

Does it seem like there are constant temptations in the form of sugary treats no matter where you go? Goodies tend to float around offices, in schools, or even in your own home. There’s always something to celebrate. Unfortunately, when you are on a sugar binge you are at higher risk for tooth decay. Of course, you’re only human, and even if dentists may be in the business of keeping teeth healthy, no one would realistically suggest that you abstain from all of the goodies that come in your path. If you do find yourself eating too much sugar on any given day, there’s a secret weapon you can keep on hand. Chewing a stick of sugarless gum can neutralize acids and trap food debris, thereby lowering the risk of potential cavities.

Sugar-Free…That’s the Key

If you are going to chew gum regularly, always stick to sugarless varieties, but stay away from aspartame. Chewing sugary gums is arguably worse than indulging in just about any other sweets you can think of. Sugar laden gums allow for prolonged exposure to the harmful effects of sucrose. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which has been linked to cancer. Luckily, there are many choices on the market that offer all of the delicious flavor of sugary gum without any damaging compounds.

Xylitol Says it All

One of the main benefits of sugar-free gum is that it won’t provide sugar (AKA nourishment) to the bacteria in your mouth. This means those germs will have much less success making acid by-products and softening your tooth enamel. Sticky gum also removes microscopic food debris between your teeth, and increases the production of saliva. Your salivary output acts as a cleansing agent for your teeth throughout the day, washing away bacteria and neutralizing acid. Xylitol adds even more benefits for sugar-free gum chewers by trapping the bacteria that cause cavities and essentially starving them.

About Dr. Foster

David Foster, DDS of Creekside Dental is a Columbia, TN native who’s served the dental needs of patients and their families in our community since 1985. If you live in Columbia, Lewisburg, Lawrenceburg, Hohenwald, Centerville, Pulaski, or any of the surrounding community, then call us today at (931) 388-3384 to schedule an appointment.

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